Manicure table Chiara

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Manicure table Chiara is elegant and practical furniture model of furniture, designed to equip manicure rooms, beauty salons

Material : Натуральное дерево
Manufacturer: Russia
Depth of table, mm: 600 cm
Table length, mm: 800 cm
Table height, mm: 750 cm
Colour: Аt choice

Giorgio Saporiti


imageIn a good design, functionality is always primary, regardless of form. But it should not ride emotionsimage

One of the most important advantages of the Paolo Dagomari brand can be determined care of ecology, and respectively about climate in your beauty salon. The manufacturer doesn't use materials hazardous to health of a man. As an upholstery there is used only environmentally friendly materials or genuine leather. All samples used pass laboratory researches that guarantees the consumer absolutely safe interior.