Manicure Tables

Good-quality manicure table is irreplaceable help to the master.

A large number of storage places provide comfort in work. The main criterion for choosing a manicure table is the materials of production. The table top is especially important, since it is subject to increased demands. The surface of the table should provide moisture resistance and resistance to chemicals. Tactile sensations of contact with the material of manufacturing are also important. A manicure may last an hour or two, so it's important that both the master and a client are comfortable.

For us, every detail that will allow your customers to receive the best quality of service is important.

Refined design

The Paolo Dagomari brand has expressed its philosophy in combination of traditions of production of hairdresser's furniture and creation of the unique design filled with semantic and functional load.

In a good design, functionality is always primary, regardless of form. But it should not ride emotions
Giorgio Saporiti

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High quality

Bright unique models of hairdresser's furniture allow the visitor to receive not only high-quality service, but also to turn a trivial salon visit into the real event complemented with esthetic and moral satisfaction.