Expansion of floor spaces and purchase of the new equipment became one of the most significant events in development of the company. It has led to significant growth in opportunities and reduction of terms of implementation of applications. Today the time of execution of the order and operation of equipment takes no more than a week.

One of the most important advantages of the Paolo Dagomari brand can be determined care of ecology, and respectively about climate in your beauty salon. The manufacturer doesn't use materials hazardous to health of a man. As an upholstery there is used only environmentally friendly materials or genuine leather. All samples used pass laboratory researches that guarantees the consumer absolutely safe interior.

In recent years demand for production of the company has considerably grown that is caused by many factors: production speed has increased, there appeared economy class collections as well as many other nuances. The Paolo Dagomari brand has expressed its philosophy in combination of traditions of production of hairdresser's furniture and creation of the unique design filled with semantic and functional load.


Not less attention is paid by the company to the latest technological innovations. The main objective of the manufacturer – to create the model, convenient for the master and the client, conceptually different from "gray" traditional interior design items. Bright unique models of hairdresser's furniture allow the visitor to receive not only high-quality service, but also to turn a trivial salon visit into the real event complemented with esthetic and moral satisfaction.

Previously, the owners of beauty salons chose practical models. Today's manager understands that it is quite difficult to create the correct image of salon and the furniture.

How is it possible to speak about a creative hairstyle in salon where the standart furniture is used incapable to inspire the master, causing the client to feel boredom and apathy, and sometimes the desire as soon as possible to leave the room?! The Paolo Dagomari brand is designed to dismantle stereotypes. Fine sense of style and individual approach to inquiries of each client allow the company to realize the most audacious projects of customers.